Explore Career 机会

As we continue to grow the world over, we’re always looking for humble, hard-working people to join us. These employment opportunities are just some of the Simplot jobs that may be perfect for you. 
Picture of smiling woman wearing Simplot blue uniform and white bump helmet inside 澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载 food processing plant.

Production and Manufacturing 职业生涯

Production and manufacturing team members are at the heart of 澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载 operations. Performing a wide variety of duties that support our food, 农业 and livestock divisions, they work in facilities across the globe to ensure our industry-leading products and supplies are ready for our customers.
Image of two young adult office workers dressed in business casual attire reviewing business information on laptop computer screen.


在澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载, we are stewards of our resources and committed to the safety and health of one another, 环境, and the people of the communities in which we live and work. 在这一努力, 澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载的人力资源, 法律, environmental and internal services teams enable the business to successfully deliver the Simplot vision and strategic priorities.
Picture of young adult female and male interns seated in Simplot office with laptop computers.

实习 & New Graduate 职业生涯

An internship (for our North American candidates) or new graduate experience with Simplot will prove to be beneficial to any student in any discipline. With more than 13,000名员工 worldwide, the opportunities are endless.

Recent graduates are also encouraged to explore fulltime career options in all J.R Simplot公司 business groups.

Photo of professional transportation worker observing potatoes unloading from semi trailer.


澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载 hires certified drivers for a variety of positions, including operations support, 产品涂抹器, and truck drivers that will transport products ranging from food to turf. With a focus on safety and the wellbeing of our professional drivers, we aim to keep overnight travel at a minimum for most of these positions.
Picture of adult male 农业 professional in white hardhat seated in from of computer inside facility mechanical room.

Agricultural 职业生涯

澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载 aligns people with technology to create innovative solutions that advance the 农业 industry. If you are interested in cultivating our resources and providing our customers exceptional value, considering joining our teams that support the ag industry in a variety of ways.
先生的肖像. J.R. Simplot, Founder of the 澳门皇冠app官网手机版app下载.


What started as a one-man farming operation in 1929 has grown into a worldwide enterprise with more than 13,000名员工. J的支柱.R. Simplot established then still drive our organization today.